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Find the most suitable Powershell scripts for automation in my website. These are well tested and easy to automate. As compared to other website we design scripts which are being used in companies. Hence I know what is perfect for you and your requirements. 

I know creating a relatable script in short time is horrific as Insidious movie but I have taken this opportunity to provide you some of my Powershell scripts which you might be looking for.

What is Windows Powershell used for ?

Windows powershell is one of the free scripting application preinstalled in Windows machine or directly can be downloaded from Windows official website. From windows 7 onwards Microsoft introduced Powershell.ise where we can test our scripts and later save it in .ps1 format. Although there are many advantages of using powershell our main use is to automate things so that we can save time and manual work.

Today, Powershell comes with great commandlets that can be used to run in any specific application related servers that can be SQL , Sharepoint etc.  Well everything can be automated with Powershell. Although sometimes it is highly recommended to do thing manual but as the world is progressing to achieve automation and cut manual task it is really important to cope with moving technologies.

My aim was the same and I have done scripting and reduced a lot of manual work by creating scripts which can can do a lot of things within a snap.

The Diagram depicts how the Powershell and how much it was used in the early 2003. This was a huge addition to the Windows and resolved the tasks which usually took 3 days to complete. This was a huge breakthrough for the Windows server administrator to do task within an hour.

As same applies for me as I am also a Windows admin in an MNC, with servers of 2003 to 2019 it was very easy now to manage with Powershell since I have implemented many monitoring scripts that actually works flawless (Needless to say) it has improved the time management and now I am assure everything is right place and I will be aware if anything will be wrong in my production environment.

One Click Download

Download each scripts hassle free with our one and only one click download feature.

No need to go through any advertisement or any delay to download your favorite script. Just click the script of your requirement and it will be downloaded in a jiffy. 

I do appreciate if you share the script or let us know about your feedback if it has helped you in reducing your daily task.


Categorized scripts

All the scripts are categorized so that it will be a easy search for you.

Every category has a lot of Powershell scripts which is done by me so choose wisely according to your requirement.

My main motto was always been to provide agile scripts and post it my my website.

Fast , Reliable and Flexible

All the categorized scripts are fast, reliable and flexible to use.

These are finely crafted hence take less time to execute each time you run it. If you find you are unable to run the script don't hesitate to write me back.


I am happy to help you step by step till the required results are met.


What I offer?

My Categorized Powershell scripts


I offer some of the best scripts in each category that are tested in our environment so that you can run the scripts without any issues. I have divided the scripts in four category so that it is easy to identify for you to choose.

Active directory

This includes the powershell scripts for Active directory related. For e.g. User related scripts, FSMO role transfer, creating groups, etc. 

DNS Powershell scripts

This contains DNS related powershell scripts which includes scripts like record creation, zone creation etc.

DHCP powershell script

This includes the scripts for DHCP that consists scripts related to failover and more. We will include more scripts for DHCP.

Powershell script repository

This includes various scripts related to GPO,DFS etc. Various scripts is the mixture of many scripts so do check it out.


Are the scripts scripts tested?

The scripts which I add in this site are tested in complex evironmet with 100% success rates so it runs without any issues. If you feel there is some issue with any of the scripts do contact us.

Why to use this platform?

Powershellguru is a fine blend and it is created to provide a service where the required scripts are delivered to end user without any issue. Powershellguru always aim to provide free and premium scripts based on the requirement. It doesn't entertain any plagiarism of the scripts.

Why to become a member?

Members are entitled to post in the forum. Also can provide ideas to me so that I can inculcate and provide the best result. All the queries will be answered in the forum so watch it out.

Why I offer scripts for free?

Some of the scripts are freely downloadable as they are easy to create and may be available on other website as well . I create or add only windows related scripts which I have modified to run seamlessly without any issue. The scripts will be always free in Powershellguru .